My Cousin P

Glamorous as well as talented!

As many of my close friends know I am passionate about a lot of things.  I don’t like things, I love them.  No, I looooooove them.  I am a very excitable person and there is much in my life to get excited about!  Lately I have been excited on behalf of someone else, and that is my cousin, Patricia Hammond.  Patricia is a mezzo-soprano from Gibsons, BC, Canada who is pursuing her singing career in Europe, and very successfully indeed!  She is an inspiration to me because, seemingly, she doesn’t let anything get in the way of her doing what she was born to do, and that is sing.  And she has worked tirelessly to improve on her naturally beautiful voice.

But the most impressive thing to me is something she has become well-known for and that is singing on Old Folks’ homes, because singing the songs she loves of yesteryear moves the inhabitants and reminds them of lost loves and happier, less lonely times when they were not in pain.  Here is an article from the Daily Telegraph which perfectly describes – in Patricia’s own words – what the experience is like:

Suddenly a man in the second row, his 6ft-plus frame slumped in a wheelchair, lifted his head and started to sing in a powerful baritone. The sound of his voice resonated through the building and galvanised the audience……a fellow sitting beside the man explained, ‘Bill hasn’t spoken in five years.’

Patricia’s ‘work’ in the care homes has recently caught the eye of the producer of The Iron Lady, Damian Jones – and so we may soon be seeing her on the big screen!

So, I guess you want to hear Patricia?!  And you can do so here, singing with Albert Ball’s Flying Aces (along with some phenomenal spoon-playing!):

You can check out her website here, or read her own blog The Canadian Nightingale, plus buy one or both of her fabulous CDs: Le Charme and Our Lovely Day!